May 23, 2019

Do wedding bands have to match?

You may be marrying your best friends but that doesn’t mean that you want to be matching them. When you are getting married there comes a […]
May 23, 2019

Wedding, who will pay for what?

Planning for your dream wedding can be stressful and figuring out who is paying for what can be even more stressful. You may know the old […]
May 23, 2019

Tips to Find That Perfect Wedding Gown

As they say, ìbeauty comes in different sizes and shapesî. A gown of the same design canít look good on all types of women. It is […]
May 23, 2019

Wedding Cost Saving Ideas

Almost every girl has a picture of her ideal wedding in her mind. She may dream up something that she can visualize when reading fairy tales […]