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March 26, 2019
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March 31, 2019
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8 Types Of Wedding Venues

8 Types Of Wedding Venues-Crystal Ballroom SA

Engaged recently? Congratulations! Now it’s time to start thinking about your perfect venue. Close your eyes and think about your perfect wedding ceremony. Where are you picturing? A big ballroom or a small intimate church service? There are many different types of wedding venues and a great way to make your wedding stand out is finding unique wedding venues for your wedding ceremony.



A great place to have your wedding ceremony and reception is a church or a house of worship. This is a great spot to also find an affordable wedding venue because some churches or houses of worship will let you have your ceremony and reception there for free or discounted if you are a member.



The best reason to have your wedding ceremony and venue at a hotel is that the guests can stay at the hotel. What is easier for your new significant other and you than leaving your reception and heading right up to the room and relaxing.


Banquet Hall

Much like hotel banquet halls, are great for larger weddings because they can fit your guests comfortably. These events are also perfect because they are made specifically for these types of events. Using a banquet hall for your venue is also great because they can be all-inclusive. This is also another great way to have an affordable wedding venue.


Country Club

One of the most popular types of wedding venues is country clubs. If you want to have an indoor and an outdoor wedding venue, country clubs can be the perfect place for you. Much like banquet halls, country clubs can have packages for different sizes making it easier for you. It can help you to accomplish the stress-free wedding that you’ve always dreamed of.


Farm or Barn

The most popular venue of 2018 is the barn or farm venue. This venue is perfect for any rustic themed wedding. This wedding venue may take a little more work to put together or decorate to your specific style but would add a great element to help your wedding stick out.


Historic Home

An uncommon but perfect spot for wedding venues is at historic homes. These amazingly significant homes can give you gorgeous architecture for all of your wedding photos. This architecture can provide you with great spaces for indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions.



A great way to add something extra to your wedding is having it at a museum. Museums can offer great art, historical artifacts and even something as cool as dinosaur bones. Talk about a grand entrance for your wedding reception! Don’t forget to make sure that you and your guests know all of the rules of the museum beforehand!



Do you and your significant other have a special place in your heart for the movies or theater plays? Then having your wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception at a theater is a great way to use that for your wedding ceremony and reception.

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