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March 26, 2019
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10 Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding Day

So today is your wedding day, Congrats! But your Wedding Day can be the most stressful part of the actual year or two of planning that you have just endured . Getting here has felt like a marathon that you were never going to finish but you are finally at the finish line. Here are some great tips to have a stress-free wedding day and finish your marathon.


Relax. Really You Can’t Control Everything.

            As much as you want to control everything that is going to happen at your wedding you can’t. The easier your day will be for you once you learn to not try and control all of the mistakes that will happen on your wedding day.


Hire a “Day Of” Coordinator.

A great way to not have to control everything and still know that it is all going to go off without a hitch is hiring a “Day Of” coordinator. This person is hired to make sure that everything you want to happen during your wedding ceremony and wedding reception will happen.


Keep Your Schedule Semi-Clear.

            It can be tempting to pack your morning with manicures, pedicures, brunch and waxing but make sure to keep your schedule down to the bare minimum. Your wedding day will fly by faster than you think. Making sure you have enough time for the important things.


Don’t Check In On Your Venue Before Hand.

            It may be tempting to check in on your venue and make sure everything is going right. Don’t do that. Wait for the big reveal. It is way better when you get to see the surprise of all of your working coming together cohesively.


Make Sure Someone Knows How To Bustle Your Dress.

Do not rely on a safety pin. It is better to have a friend or bridesmaid with you to make sure that they can help you bustle your dress 


Make Sure To Have Alone Time With Your Husband To Be.

This is a big one that a lot of brides forget. You don’t realize during the crazy day to stop and think what is actually happening. You are marrying your best friend make sure to spend time with them. If you wedding ceremony and wedding reception is at the same place make sure to take a couple minutes in a dressing room or backroom and just spend alone time together.


Assign a Photo Wrangler.

            Do not waste time at your wedding reception trying to make sure you have photos with all of your wedding party and the specific important guests. Designate a bridesmaid or groomsmen to make sure that you and your new husband get all of the pictures you need. 


Assign a Keepsake Wrangler.

            Just like your photo wrangler making sure that you get to keep track of special things (like your bouquet) is important. This is also a position that is best designated to a bridesmaid or groomsmen to make sure that you and your new husband get all of the keepsakes you want to keep forever. .


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